Texas Film Commission, Office of the Governor

Filming Extras

What is an Extra?
Extras are an essential element of any film project. They are used to fill out the background of scenes that require a crowd such as a football game, parade or restaurant. Extras generally do not have speaking roles and will have little to no interaction with the stars of the film.

Getting Started and Finding Work as an Extra
Working as an extra does not require formal acting training and is a good opportunity to learn about the production on set. The Texas Film Commission Job Hotline lists Casting Calls for projects currently recruiting cast. Each announcement will include the casting call description and an email address for submissions. To apply, send an email directly to the email address listed with your contact information and recent photographs. Please be advised that you will not be contacted by the production unless you are needed for filming.

Talent Agents
If you are interested in pursuing a more substantial acting career in film and television, it is a good idea to have a talent agent. Agents can help you find work as an actor and provide guidance on roles that will be the best fit for you. A list of talent agents in Texas may be found in the Directory on the Texas Film Commission Web site.