Texas Film Commission, Office of the Governor

Texas Laws Relevant to Filmmakers and Game Developers

Child Labor - Laws and regulations for resident and non-resident child actors and extras under the age of 18 working in Texas.

Filming on State Property - How to use a state-owned location for production.

Filming on Roads - How to use a road, street or public right-of-way during production.

Workers' Compensation - Information about Workers's Compensation Insurance coverage in Texas.

Reselling of Personal Property - Requirements for reselling items used in production including props, costumes and office furniture.

Employee or Independent Contractor? - Information about hiring film crews.

Texas Talent Agency Act - Texas' requirements for operating a Talent Agency in the State.

Pyrotechnic & Flame Effect Licensing - Rules for individuals working with pyrotechnic devices and flame effects.

Transporting Commercial Motor Vehicles into Texas - How to bring certain commercial vehicles in to Texas for production purposes.

Sales Tax Exemptions - Information on using sales tax exemptions for items and services used in production.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemptions - Requirements for having hotel occupancy taxes waived.

Tax Refunds on Fuels Used Off Road - Rules for obtaining fuel tax refunds.

Rabies Quarantine - Information on transporting coyotes, raccoons and foxes into Texas.