Texas Film Commission, Office of the Governor

Workforce Training Program

Resulting from legislation passed in 2007, the Texas Film Commission now administers the Moving Image Incentives Workforce Training Program with the purpose of conducting educational workshops that will:

  • develop and increase the workforce for moving image production (film/video/game design) in Texas;
  • provide educational opportunities in the moving image industry for Texas residents who may not otherwise have access to it; and
  • cultivate a more cohesive production community to help Texas maintain its position as a hub for media production.

Legal Texas residents over the age of 18 are welcome to participate in our workshops and training courses, each providing an educational opportunity that previously did not exist in Texas.  Courses are held in partnership with community colleges and non-profit organizations from across the state. The Texas Film Commission will certify those attendees who successfully complete a workshop or training. This certification will guarantee employers that a high level of training, specific to each job position, has been fulfilled.

P.A. Workshop

The Production Assistant (P.A.) Workshop is a two-day introductory course for surviving work in production at its entry level position. The Workshop teaches the terminology, paperwork, etiquette, processes and physical requirements of the job. Taught by active working industry professionals, the Workshop develops the skills and flexibility needed to be successful in obtaining and keeping employment. Click to learn more about our P.A. Workshop.

Locations Scout Workshop

Put your imagination to use by discovering and securing buildings and properties that can be used as a film set. The Locations Scout Workshop is a one-day course, taught by experienced professionals, that teaches the tricks of the trade needed to find, photograph, and secure shooting locations in Texas based on the script and requests of production. Click to learn more about our Locations Scout Workshop.

Even with the industry's rapidly changing technologies, the entry-level position of Loader and/or Second Assistant Cameraperson (2nd A.C.) is essential to most film or video production crews. If your vision for a moving image industry job includes a high level of responsibility and an opportunity to develop your knowledge about shooting, training to be a Loader and/or 2nd A.C. is the best path for joining the Camera Department. Click to learn more about our Camera Workshop.

Production Accounting Clerk Workshop

The Production Accounting Clerk Workshop is a two-day workshop, taught by industry professionals, that gives you the skills needed to hit the ground running to find work as a production clerk. Participants are taught details of the responsibilities of each member of the accounting staff. In all, participants learn the skills needed for these positions including production terminology, how to read a budget, and how to handle various types of expenses including accounts payable, petty cash and purchase orders. Click to learn more about our Production Accounting Clerk Workshop.

Grip Workshop

The Grip Workshop is a three-day, intensive workshop that teaches the responsibilities and job skill set needed to be a motion picture Third Grip. Taught by industry professionals, the workshop includes instruction in grip crew positions and responsibilities; training in techniques used for grip work; equipment use and maintenance; set lighting; on-set rigging; the basics of knots; basic crane build-outs and operation; set etiquette and awareness; and finding work on films, commercials, videos, television and web media. Click to learn more about our Grip Workshop.