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  • Thursday, March 29, 2012

    History in the Making

    Perseverance. Pride. Hard work.

    Those are some of the characteristics Texas’ early Spanish and Mexican settlers possessed, and the same holds true for the organizers of the newest monument on the Texas State Capitol grounds, the Tejano Monument.

    Today was a historic day, as thousands attended the unveiling of one of the largest monuments on the Capitol grounds. The Tejano Monument has been 12 years in the making, beginning in 2001 when legislators passed and the governor signed legislation establishing it. Countless Texans and state leaders persevered for years to obtain funding and make certain the monument would accurately depict the rich Hispanic history of our state’s early explorers and settlers. Sculptor Armando Hinojosa of Laredo worked for years on the life-size statutes which make up the monument, including a depiction of a Spanish explorer, a vaquero on his mustang, a longhorn bull and cow, and a family of settlers.  At 525 square feet, the monument is quite impressive.

    As the Governor said at today’s unveiling, “This important monument reflects a larger truth about the origins of Texas, about the contributions of so many Hispanic citizens to the creation of the state we love and the lives we share. These contributions are ongoing with Latinos providing political, business and spiritual leadership in communities throughout Texas. The future of our state is tied directly to the future of our Hispanic population, and I believe we have a glorious future ahead of us.”

    It’s another reminder of my pride of being a Texan and our rich, interesting history as a state.