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Threats To Texas
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Threats to Texas | Terrorism:

Texas is home to many valuable resources, making us a valuable target for terrorist organizations seeking to destroy us and our way of life. Efforts to reduce our vulnerability to terrorist attacks and guard life and property in Texas include protecting our critical infrastructure and key resources across all sectors and disciplines and executing a coordinated hazard mitigation effort.

When it comes to potentially vital information on would-be terrorists, a key finding of the 9/11 Commission was the need for law enforcement to transition from a mentality of “need to know” to “need to share.” The sharing of all relevant law enforcement information is critical to protect our nation from future terrorist attacks. Through new technologies, such as TDEx and LiveScan, law enforcement agencies in Texas at the local, state and federal levels are sharing information as never before.

Admiral James Loy, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, has testified that “information from ongoing investigations, detentions and emerging threat streams strongly suggests that al-Qaeda has considered using the Southwest Border to infiltrate the United States.”

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