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RP61 – Relating to the creation, composition, and operation of the Governor's Health System Integrity Partnership for the State of Texas.

Monday, October 09, 2006  •  Executive Order

BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF TEXAS Executive Department Austin, Texas October 9, 2006 WHEREAS, the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of the health care system is of vital concern and interest to the State of Texas; and WHEREAS, the use of secure and interoperable electronic health information systems will lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness by reducing redundant tests, supplying clinicians with information on cutting-edge clinical research, and ensuring that all participants in the health care system have the right information at the right time; and WHEREAS, providing Texans with access to comprehensive cost and quality information will enable them to make informed decisions about their health care; and WHEREAS, small businesses form the core of the Texas economy; and WHEREAS, many small business owners have been forced to stop providing health insurance for their employees because of the rising cost of health care and health insurance premiums, and the lack of a robust small-employer health insurance market; and WHEREAS, the health care system can be transformed to deliver safer, higher-quality care in a more cost-effective way by empowering consumers with information about the options, price, and quality of the health care available to them, developing a standardized electronic health information infrastructure, and fostering a robust small-employer health insurance market; and WHEREAS, in an executive order “Promoting Quality and Efficient Health Care in Federal Government Administered or Sponsored Health Care Programs” issued on August 22, 2006, President George W. Bush directed federal agencies that administer or sponsor federal health insurance programs to:

  1. increase transparency in pricing;
  2. increase transparency in quality;
  3. encourage adoption of health information technology ("IT") standards; and
  4. provide options that promote quality and efficiency in health care.

WHEREAS, the President’s executive order complements ongoing health IT and consumer empowerment initiatives being undertaken by the Governor’s Health Care Policy Council and the Health Information Technology Advisory Committee; and WHEREAS, the establishment of a public-private collaborative will enhance the state’s ability to develop, implement, and administer the policies and systems necessary to achieve transparency, the rapid and secure exchange of information in the health care system, and a robust small-employer health insurance market; and WHEREAS, an advisory group of health care industry stakeholders is necessary to ensure that any public-private collaborative established will benefit the greatest number of stakeholders at the lowest cost; NOW THEREFORE, I, RICK PERRY, Governor of the State of Texas, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Texas, do hereby issue the following order: Creation of Partnership. The Texas Health Care System Integrity Partnership ("Partnership") is hereby created to advise the Governor on the finance and governance structure for a public-private collaborative, tentatively named the Texas Health Care System Integrity Authority ("THCSIA"). The mission of the THCSIA is to promote a safe, high-quality, transparent, and efficient health care system by:

  1. Enabling the secure, electronic, exchange of health information;
  2. Providing consumers with access to information on the price and quality of health care goods and services, and health insurance products; and
  3. Fostering a robust and competitive small-employer health insurance market.

Composition and Terms. The Partnership shall consist of 11 members appointed by the Governor and include representatives of employers, physicians, hospitals, health plans, pharmacies, clinical laboratories, pharmacy benefit managers, and consumers. The Governor will designate one member to serve as the chair. The Governor may fill any vacancy that may occur and may appoint other voting or ex- officio, non-voting members as needed. Any state or local officers or employees appointed to serve on the Partnership shall do so in addition to the regular duties of their respective offices or positions. All appointees serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Duties. The Partnership shall advise the Governor on recommended structures through which the THCSIA can be financed and governed. The THCSIA, through the finance and governance structures developed by the Partnership, will positively affect the Texas health care system by promoting and enabling health information technology, quality and price transparency, quality and efficiency of care, and a robust small-employer health insurance market. Coordination. The Partnership, through its advisory efforts, shall coordinate with national, state, and local entities. Report. The Partnership shall report its findings in writing to the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the speaker of the house by March 1, 2007. Administrative Support. The staff of the Texas Health Care Policy Council within the Office of the Governor and state agencies may provide staff to assist the Partnership as necessary. This executive order supersedes all previous orders on this matter that are in conflict or inconsistent with its terms and this order shall remain in effect and in full force until modified, amended, rescinded, or superseded by me or by a succeeding Governor. Given under my hand this the 9th day of October, 2006. RICK PERRY(Signature) Governor Attested by: ROGER WILLIAMS(Signature)Secretary of State

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