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What Others Are Saying About Sonogram Legislation…

Groups from Across Texas Show Support for Sonogram Legislation Signed Into Law by Gov. Perry
Tuesday, May 24, 2011  •  Austin, Texas  •  Press Release

"The environment in Texas has significantly improved for women and babies with the legislature's courageous action on prescribing sonograms for women in crisis pregnancies," Ann Hettinger, State Director of Concerned Women for America of Texas said. "Our thanks go to Sen. Patrick, Rep. Miller and Gov. Perry for their diligent efforts to make this happen."

"Texans for Life is thrilled that Texas women considering the forever decision of abortion will finally have all the information, tests results, including sonograms, and doctor access that is afforded every other candidate for surgery," Kyleen Wright, President of Texans for Life Coalition said. "We are very thankful to all those who worked to pass these critically needed protections for the young women of Texas."

"On behalf of the women of Operation Outcry, a project of the Justice Foundation, we are grateful to the governor and legislators for taking this courageous step to inform women of the truth of what actually occurs during abortion," Allan Parker, President of Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry said. "We represent over 5,000 women who have completed legally admissible declarations about the harm that abortion caused them, and most feel that they were not adequately informed about the devastating consequences of abortion."

"This legislation will prevent other women from being devastated by abortion as we were, and we are glad it has been made into law," Molly S. White and Myra Myers with Operation Outcry-Silent No More said. "We know the sad truth that abortion hurts women."

"The passage of House Bill 15 will set a precedent for good medical practice by giving women more information from which to make wise decisions," Suzii Paynter, Director of the Christian Life Commission said. "Gov. Perry, Sen. Patrick, and Rep. Miller's leadership on this issue has assured that the critical facts and information from a sonogram will be included as an essential step before considering an abortion. Their leadership was essential on this issue, making this bill a priority and assuring that it would pass."

"On behalf of the women of Texas, The Heidi Group thanks Texas lawmakers and Gov. Perry for assuring that for the first time, women walking through the door of a Texas abortion clinic will be afforded the same informed consent as patients for any other surgical procedures," Carol Everett, CEO of The Heidi Group said.

"This strong pro-life legislation empowers women like never before and makes sure they will not be denied critical and important information before making such a serious decision," Jonathan Saenz of the Liberty Institute said. "We thank Gov. Perry, Rep. Sid Miller, Sen. Dan Patrick, and the numerous dedicated leaders in the Texas House and Senate who have made this legislation possible."

"The Republican National Coalition for Life is very grateful to Gov. Rick Perry for putting the sonogram legislation on the emergency list for fast-tracking through the legislature," Dianne Edmondson, Executive Director of Republican National Coalition for Life said. "We are also grateful to Sen. Dan Patrick and Rep. Sid Miller, who passionately shepherded the bill, which is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, through the various hurdles, committees and floor votes to get it where it is today. Texas women deserve fully informed consent before taking the drastic step of ending the lives of their unborn children, and certainly those children deserve their mothers' thoughtful reflection before undertaking that final, irreversible step."

"We applaud Gov. Rick Perry for making this issue a priority," Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life Joe Pojman, Ph.D. said. "His signature on this bill raises the standard of care for informed consent for abortion to the same level that patients expect for other medical and surgical procedures. Women considering abortion deserve no less."

"Up until now, there may have been many women in Texas who decided to have an abortion only to learn years later about the reality of fetal development after viewing an ultrasound," Melinda Delahoyde, President of Care Net said. "Women deserve full information about important health decisions, especially regarding their pregnancies. Care Net applauds this positive, life-affirming achievement for the women and families of Texas."

"Texas Physicians Resource Council, along with hundreds of Texas physicians, wants to thank all the groups and sponsors of the sonogram bill who have now insured that women will be properly informed before making a life-changing decision," Linda W. Flower, M.D. with TPRC said. "We believe every human life is sacred."


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