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*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.
Wednesday, May 11, 2005  •  Speech

Thank you, Dan (Petty).  I am honored to be here with the chairman and CEO of Fluor Corporation... Alan Boeckmann (pro: BECK-men).

As governor, it is a great privilege to roll out Texas’ welcome mat for yet another fine California company. 

When I met Alan some 15 months ago...
...the first thing I said to him was, “When are you moving to Texas?” 

And then remembering my manners...
...I added, “By the way, I’m Rick Perry and it’s good to meet you.”

Sometimes it’s tough to conceal my passion when it comes to convincing employers that Texas is the place they want to be to grow and create jobs...
...especially when it is an outstanding company like Fluor with a proven track record of success and great potential for the future.

If being governor of Texas is akin to being its top salesman...
...let there be no doubt I have the best product to sale.

Over the past year we have had a number of productive conservations. 

I’ve had the opportunity to tell them about Texas’ excellent business climate and skilled workforce...
...our low taxes and reasonable regulations...
...and our great geographic location that offers easy access to markets across the Western hemisphere. 

And because they already have offices in Houston, Sugar Land, Austin and here in Dallas...
...Fluor knows that the Texas workforce is second to none.

Fluor has considered the benefits of increasing their presence in Texas...
...and they have made the same decision that hundreds of other businesses around the nation have made in recent years.

And today, Texas is proud to welcome the announcement that Fluor will bring their corporate headquarters and 170 jobs to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in early 2006.

Alan, let me be the first to welcome Fluor headquarters to Texas. 

We are honored to have you...
...and we appreciate your commitment to creating jobs for Texas families.

This announcement is significant in more ways than one. 
Approximately 70 of the positions at Fluor headquarters will be filled by local employees...
...opening new doors of opportunity for North Texas workers...
...and giving more families a chance to live the American dream.

And every job Fluor creates means more money flowing through the entire economy as paychecks are cashed and spent... well as additional revenue for government priorities.

Let me put the magnitude of this relocation into perspective. 

When their doors officially open, Fluor will be the 27th largest employer in Texas based on gross revenue... which totals nearly $10 billion each year. 

They are now the 49th Fortune 500 Company to call Texas home. 

And by planting their flag in Texas, Fluor is sending an important message to employers worldwide who are looking for a place to grow and prosper:... couldn’t pick a better state to run a business.

The Texas economy continues to grow by leaps and bounds as more and more employers heed that message.

We have created 216,000 net new jobs since July 2003. 
Employment in Texas is at an all-time high. 

Our business climate has been ranked the best in America...
...and last year we landed more job creation projects than any other state...
...including the Countrywide expansion that is bringing 2,500 new jobs to North Texas.

With these significant achievements...
...and with Fluor’s relocation...
...we are building a brighter future for every Texan... job at a time.

Let me close by saying how much Texas appreciates Fluor’s investment in this state... and we look forward to growing our relationship for many years to come. 

And now I would like to introduce the chairman and CEO of Fluor Corporation... Alan Boeckmann...

(After Boeckmann presents you with Fluor cap...)

Thank you, Alan.  To make sure everyone knows that you are now an official Texan, I’d like to present you with this cowboy hat...

We would be happy to take your questions...

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