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Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks At Alcohol 101

*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.
Tuesday, October 12, 2004  •  Speech

Thank you, Michael (O’Quinn).  I also would like to thank Ralph Blackman and the Century Council for their work in making this important initiative possible.

As the first Aggie governor, I have to say it’s always good to be back in Aggieland.  It can be tough living behind the Orange Curtain in Austin, but with our football team winning in convincing fashion, I think some orange-bloods are getting nervous about that game the day after Thanksgiving.

Back when I was a Yell Leader in the 1970’s, we did a lot of yelling, but not much winning.  So I’m glad to see that is one tradition you decided not to keep.  I have a lot of great memories from my four years here: leading yell practice at Midnight Yell, trying on my senior boots for the first time, and making lasting friendships with Corps buddies.  But the thing I cherish most about being an Aggie is not the memories of yesterday, but rather the values that were taught here that I carry today.

Aggies take pride in the things we do.  We believe in honesty, integrity and personal responsibility.  And when fellow Aggies are in need, we are quick to lend a helping hand.  It is in that spirit we are here today to help Aggies make responsible, safe and legal decisions when it comes to alcohol use.  Today I am proud to help launch an important new tool that will help college students make informed decisions about alcohol and combat its misuse, a free, interactive CD-ROM program called Alcohol 101 Plus.

Alcohol 101 Plus can help change the way young Texans think about drinking.  It puts students in a virtual world much like any college campus, allows them to make decisions about alcohol use, and experience the consequences of their choices.  By demonstrating the potential negative outcomes of alcohol misuse or underage drinking in a virtual environment, we’re hoping students avoid experiencing the same consequences in the real world.  It also provides underage students with strategies to avoid alcohol and the penalties of breaking the law.  And it helps students to take personal responsibility for their actions at social gatherings.

I support the Alcohol 101 Plus program because I care about your health, your safety and your future.  Too many lives are dramatically changed for the worse, or even cut short, because someone made a bad decision involving alcohol use.  The Alcohol 101 Plus program can help keep you safe, or even save a life.

I am encouraged that we have so many members of the A&M community with us today to participate in this launch, and I appreciate the work of the Century Council, A&M health care professionals, police officers and campus administrators in promoting this important program.  But the truth is, these efforts will be to little avail if we do not utilize this free tool to keep our fellow Aggies safe and healthy.  And so I encourage every student and every organization to take advantage of the free Alcohol 101 Plus program.

When we work to educate young Texans about the dangers of alcohol abuse, when we accept personal responsibility for our choices and actions, and when we pledge to uphold the high standard of ethics that all Aggies are charged with, we can have a tremendous impact on the lives and safety of all the people of Texas.

Thank you, God bless you, and gig ‘em.

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