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Gov. Perry: Incentives Lead to Better Technology and Smarter Approaches

*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.
Thursday, May 06, 2010  •  Stafford, Texas  •  Speech

Thank you [Senator] Tommy [Williams] for that introduction. It's a pleasure to be in Stafford.

It's clear you folks "get it" when it comes to alternative fuels.

Whether you're one of the fine folks at UPS or a leader like TCEQ's Susana Hildebrand [Deputy Director of the Chief Engineer's Office] it takes a clear vision and hard work to bring about change.

That's why I'm here today as UPS launches its new Texas fleet adopting hybrid vehicles that will save vast quantities of fuel over the next few years while they cut thousands of metric tons of CO2 emissions.

The net result of these new trucks will be cleaner air for Texans more bang for our energy buck and a better bottom line for UPS.

This is how we do things in Texas combining innovation and incentives to achieve success. Government is at its best when it encourages companies to take reasonable risks provides a predictable regulatory climate then gets out of their way so they can succeed and create jobs.

When we apply incentives instead of crushing mandates we appeal to the innovators and visionaries and end up with better technology and smarter approaches.

UPS is clearly stepping out ahead of the pack with this initiative and setting an example for their peers in the marketplace that will make the competition even more productive.

We Texans are proud of our history as energy provider to the worldm with an oil and gas industry that is second to none so this push for alternative fuels is the next, reasonable step in our efforts to continue leading in the energy sector.

Our progress comes from decisions made on the basis of sound business principles...not the guesses of government bureaucrats. Rather than ordering companies to do something a certain way with accompanying threats of extravagant fines we prefer to make renewable energy more accessible by cultivating a job-friendly climate and offering incentives to make it more affordable.

I think the results speak for themselves.

Today, Texas produces more wind power than any state in the union - and more than all but four countries in the world.

Texas is also increasingly investing heavily in solar energy, with three utility-scale solar projects scheduled to begin construction soon and others in the development process.

Eleven utility companies are currently providing rebates for residential and commercial customers who install solar energy systems.

New power plants have come online with advanced technology that makes them more efficient and cleaner-burning...allowing older, dirtier plants to go off-line. This is not the punitive approach they take in Washington but the Texas way of moving into the future and encouraging positive growth.

That growth is threatened by the folks in Washington who have fallen in love with the idea of a "cap and trade" system that will not only increase the price of everything you can buy in the United States of America but also send hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs overseas.

Even if clear-thinking Americans can persuade their representatives in Washington to kill cap & tax before it blows a hole in our economy we'll still have the challenges presented by an increasingly activist Environmental Protection Agency.

When the EPA declared carbon dioxide a toxic substance countless businesses, farms and even large churches in their crosshairs became targets for their overzealous regulatory excesses.

If only they would consider the approach we've taken in Texas. We've combined the power of competition and wise incentives to expand our energy portfolio and make our air more breathable.

Here in Texas, we've reduced emission of NOx gases 46 percent and cut ozone levels 22 percent.

Our CO2 emissions have dropped more than nearly every other state.

While this success story unfolded, Texas also created more private sector jobs than any other big state in the union attracted major employers in the midst of a national recession and continued to add about 1,000 new Texans a day.

This new UPS fleet is another step in our state's journey toward abundant, renewable energy and an even cleaner environment.

I commend UPS for its initiative and wish your company...and your drivers...good luck and great driving.

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