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Gov. Perry Breaks Ground on Facility Expansion in Corsicana

*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.
Thursday, December 20, 2012  •  Corsicana, Texas  •  Speech

It's a great day to be in Corsicana!

This is a day for celebration, and congratulations.

Congratulations to the Pactiv Corporation, for finding the right location here in town, and making the right call to build here.

Congratulations to Corsicana, for being the home to this thriving business.

And particularly, congratulations to everyone who will, over the years to come, call this their place of employment.

This is more good news for a Texas economy that's had our fair share of good news lately.

Other states might feel like maybe we've had a bit more than our fair share, but they're free to think what they like.

Today's announcement is the product of hard work.

Hard work from our friends at Pactiv, officials here at the local level, as well as hard-working Texans across our state, who have made the phrase "Made in Texas" a worldwide mark of quality and dependability.

That hard work put us in position to close the deal with a Texas Enterprise Fund investment, part of $487 million in TEF investments that have thus far generated more than $17.4 billion in capital investment in our state.

Most importantly, TEF recipients have committed to creating more than 66,000 jobs for Texans.

Of course, the TEF is a deal closing fund, and without the strength of our workforce, and power of our overall economy, these deals likely wouldn't get that far.

It's our commitment to the conservative fiscal principles that are the foundation of our economy that is the real difference-maker when the decision is made to expand or relocate.

Chief Executive Magazine has named Texas the country's "Best State for Business" for the eighth consecutive year, and we're committed to making it nine in a row next year.

That publication is far from alone in its praise of the Lone Star State.

fDi Magazine gave Texas the 2012 Governor Award for being the most successful state in the nation at attracting foreign investment.

Texas has also received accolades from media outlets like USA Today, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Site Selection Magazine.

All of them are spreading the word that Texas is the best place in the nation to live, work, grow your business and raise your family.

More importantly than good press, though, Texas continues to be the nation's epicenter for job creation.

This means that people in Texas have a better chance at finding a new job, or a better job, that improves their lives and the lives of their families.

That all starts, however, with a job-friendly economic climate that steadily draws the attention of top decision-makers in the business world, decision-makers like Kevin Quinn and his associates at Pactiv, in fact.

This is a climate where any employer has the opportunity to thrive, and be competitive on a global scale.

That's helped establish Texas as the top exporter in the country, for 10 years running.

This didn't all happen by chance.

More than a decade ago, we set out to create a Texas where investors could confidently invest their capital, and expect to see a solid return on that investment.

And, thanks to our low taxes, get to keep more of that return.

We set out to create a Texas where job-creators could put down roots, and know they wouldn't be tied up in miles of government red tape and regulations.

We created a Texas where our court system won't allow for over-suing.

And we dedicated ourselves to cultivating a workforce that stands ready to fill any need an employer could have, from the assembly line, to the sales office, to the laboratory.

So, how have we done it?

It's actually pretty simple.

We don't spend more than we bring in, balancing our budget every biennium and keeping billions in reserve in our Rainy Day Fund.

We have no, and will have no, state income tax, and we're pressing to make 40,000 small businesses permanently exempt from our state's margin tax.

Earlier this year, I proposed the Texas Budget Compact...five basic steps our legislature should take to ensure we continue adhering to the bedrock principles that have gotten us where we are today.

They are practice truth-in-budgeting, support a stricter constitutional limit on spending, oppose any new taxes or tax increases and make the small business tax exemption permanent, preserve our strong Rainy Day Fund, and cut wasteful and redundant government programs and agencies.

At the heart of the Compact is the idea that money does a lot more good in the pockets of individuals than it does in government coffers.

The compact has been designed to keep government honest, as small as possible, and as efficient as it can be in providing essential services like educating our children and caring for our most vulnerable citizens.

By sticking to that formula, we can enable employers and employees alike to keep more of their hard-earned dollars, which translates to a stronger economy and more, and better, jobs.

That's the Texas way, and again, the Texas way is working.


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