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Gov. Rick Perry: Biofuels are the Future of Diversified Energy Portfolios

Remarks at the Green Hunter Energy Biofuels Refining Facility Dedication

*Note - Gov. Perry frequently departs from prepared remarks.
Monday, June 02, 2008  •  Speech

Thank you, Gary [Evans, Chairman/CEO Green Hunter Energy] for inviting me to share in this special event. As I toured your facility earlier, it was great to see the results of your hard work over the last year. Transforming an old waste-oil plant into the nation’s largest biodiesel refinery can't be an easy job. Your resourcefulness and persistence are a great example for businesses across our state and beyond. Your grand opening comes at a good time, I've been talking about renewable energy quite a bit over the last few weeks. When Washington ordered Americans to pilfer our nation's corn supply to create fuel, it was time to call the EPA and let them know that corn isn't the only renewable fuel source we have. 

My big concern what that the government was favoring one group, farmers, over our beef and poultry producers. Now don't get me wrong, I like farmers. I used to be one. And I like corn just as much as the next guy. I'd just rather be eatin' it for dinner instead of pouring it into my gas tank. There is no reason to waste corn on ethanol production when outfits like Green Hunter Energy are working to produce biodiesel from multiple materials, edible and non-edible, that won't harm our food supply. Practical, innovative solutions to energy challenges are a recurring theme in our state's history and will keep us at the forefront of renewable energy production. Companies like Green Hunter Energy are what will keep us at the head of the pack as the number one biofuel producer in the country, and will move us closer to our goal of a diversified energy portfolio. 

With the fuel you produce, the jobs you create and the investment you attract, you will help Texas continue its strong performance in the midst of our country's economic challenges. Standing here on your campus today, surrounded by massive oil tankers and the fossil fuel refineries that put Texas on the global energy map, I am encouraged to think about our state’s future. Texas is still a leader in traditional production and refining, and will continue to rely on fossil fuels as part of our state's economic and energy portfolios. However, this new technology demonstrates the spirit of innovation, inspiration and independence that has always made our state so unique. In the same way that Texas set the pace in petroleum production and refining, we are now leading the way into a new era of renewable energy production which will move us closer to independence from foreign oil. 

Our current struggles with the price of gasoline are rooted in an increasingly unreliable supply of foreign oil, a failure to allow exploration in U.S. territory, and a failure to grow our nation’s refining capability. The resulting financial strain on our citizens and businesses can only go on for so long. Fortunately, we have companies like Green Hunter Energy. Your  facility, your technology, and your vision represent the future of energy in Texas and the United States.

I wish everyone associated with this noble effort the best as you work to keep Texas at the forefront of the world’s renewable energy industry. May God bless you all and through you, may he continue to bless Texas.

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