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Victim Restoration

Summary of Achievement

Governor Perry’s Victim Restoration Strategy focuses on services designed to help individuals affected by crime return to physical, mental and emotional health through the provision of health and social services and criminal justice system responsive services.  A continuum of caring attention throughout the crime resolution and healing processes helps to restore victims’ health and wellbeing.

The Challenge

When a person becomes a victim of crime, they sometimes feel isolated and unable to cope.  In many cases there is financial loss and physical injury. Often the lingering mental and emotional effects resulting from the crime are the most overwhelming.  Individuals who have been personally affected by crime and are provided coordinated guidance and support while being treated with dignity, compassion and respect will cope more effectively, experience greater capacity for healing and also be more willing in the future to report crimes.

Action / Initiative

Governor Perry’s Victim Restoration Strategy coordinates the efforts of government agencies and private organizations that provide services to victims of crime in Texas.
Victim restoration can be achieved when communities demonstrate sensitivity to the wellbeing and safety of individuals who have been victimized by holding offenders accountable for their crimes. Providers are encouraged to build lasting partnerships between the criminal justice system and victim advocacy organizations.  Communities are invited to look beyond traditional resources to new partners, such as faith-based and community organizations, to expand the impact and scope of services provided.  When developing victim-centered service networks, communities and providers should:

  • Identify current methods of operation within the community.
  • Recognize strengths and focus on eliminating gaps within the delivery of services.
  • Identify key components of current victim assistance procedures.
  • Encourage communication between victim assistance agencies across disciplines.

The Outcome

Through Governor Perry’s guidance, law enforcement, prosecutors, victims’ services, first responders, shelters, advocacy groups and other stakeholders have created collaborative services that promote and further the governor’s strategy for improving the quality of care provided to victims of crime.