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Texas Workforce Investment Council

Council Meetings

The Council is required to meet quarterly and at other times as deemed necessary by the Chair. All meetings of the Council and its committees are posted in the Texas Register in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. The Chair is authorized to appoint subcommittees and technical advisory committees to inform the work of the Council and to assist the Council in fulfilling its legislative mandates. Current Council committees include the Executive Committee, the Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee and the System Integration Technical Advisory Committee.

Texas Workforce Investment Council

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assists the Chair of the Council in carrying out leadership responsibilities.

Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee (ATAC)

ATAC is responsible for recommending formulas and procedures for the distribution of available funds to apprenticeship training programs funded under Chapter 133 of the Texas Education Code.

System Integration Technical Advisory Committee (SITAC)

SITAC is comprised of representatives of the Council's partner agencies and the Texas Association of Workforce Boards. The committee works to ensure implementation of the strategic plan for the Texas workforce system and to remedy barriers to system integration that emerge during implementation.