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Message From Texas First Lady Anita Perry

The Texas Governor's Mansion suffered significant damage from arson in June 2008. State leaders, concerned citizens, and preservationists were horrified and saddened by the damage to the historic home. These same Texans vowed to rebuild this grand house, a symbol of Texas pride and an irreplaceable part of our State's history. In July 2008, I founded the "Texas Governor’s Mansion Restoration Fund," a nonprofit organization established to raise money to rebuild this National Historic Landmark.

Our Texas Governor's Mansion pre-dates the Texas Capitol and is the oldest home for governors in continuous use west of the Mississippi. Gov. Elisha Pease was the first occupant; Gov. James Hogg's children slid down the banister; President McKinley, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth visited; Gov. Wilbert Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel hosted radio shows with his band; Gov. John Connally recuperated from the gunshot he suffered while riding with President Kennedy in the motorcade; and then-Gov. George W. Bush awaited news of the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. The Texas Governor's Mansion belongs to all Texans and has been home to 40 governors since 1856. The Mansion is part of our proud State's legacy, and the site of these and countless other historic events.

Texas refused to let an arsonist write the last page of the history book on the Governor's Mansion.

Thanks to generous donations from Texans from all walks of life, the foresight of our leaders in the Legislature, and countless hours of hard work by dedicated preservationists, we not only restored the historic, one of a kind features that were damaged by fire, water and smoke, we also made some much needed improvements to help the Governor's Mansion keep up with the times and stand ready for the future.

Not only is the people's house now handicap accessible, but the new geoexchange system will provide more energy efficient heating and cooling, and has the 156-year-old home on its way to receiving a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and Austin Energy's Green Building rating.

The governor and I are proud to see this Texas treasure restored, and can only imagine all that this home will bear witness to over the next 150 years.

Anita Perry